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Mankoo Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry
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Mankoo Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry

Our Practice


We are a ‘high end’ private dental practice internationally renowned for our expertise and experience in Dental Implants, Restorative Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and inter-disciplinary treatments, including Periodontics (the treatment of gum disease), Orthodontics (braces) and Endodontics (root canal treatments), established in 1994.

Our skills in managing difficult and complex cases are well known and attracts referrals from all over the UK, Europe and further abroad. We do of course also offer more general dental care and this also completed to the highest possible standards!

The key feature of the practice is our team approach – a hand-picked group of experts working together as an inter-disciplinary team to achieve the optimum outcomes for our patients… you!

Exterior image of Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry
The team at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry
Inside the practice

Our aim is to provide long-term dentistry that is in the best interest of our patients, and we are NOT about short-term smile makeovers and quick fixes! Our goal is not only to restore and maintain the health of your teeth and gums to allow you to eat comfortably, but also to achieve a lasting healthy and attractive smile so that your dentistry enhances your quality of life!

The team is led in this pursuit of excellence by Dr Tidu Mankoo, the eminent dentist with extensive experience in Dental Implant Treatments, Restorative Dentistry & Aesthetic Dentistry, and the treatment of complex dental cases.

Throughout the practice, the same philosophy and quality of dental care is the standard. Each one of the team members has been carefully selected for their skill and dedication and commitment to this ethic. Our expert treatment is carried out in a completely painless and relaxed manner with a friendly, caring and gentle approach whilst full autoclave sterilisation of all instrumentation ensures your safety. Our goal is to not only restore the health and optimum function of your teeth and gums, but also to achieve and maintain an enduring healthy and attractive smile.

Equipment & Facilities

We have a beautiful patient’s lounge for your comfort with full wireless networking so you can browse the web or work while waiting for an appointment or if you are with a family member or partner having treatment. 6 superbly equipped surgeries, a hygienist surgery, 3 sterilisation rooms and a dedicated X-ray room makes this practice a multi-disciplinary hub under one roof. In the X-ray room we have an all-in-one digital OPG, a Lateral Ceph and a cone beam CT scanner to provide the most thorough diagnostic treatment. In addition we also have a teaching room with full projection facilities at the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry.

Needless to say the practice equipped with state-of-the-art dental units and equipment. We have a digital X-ray and comprehensive ‘in-house’ X-ray facilities (including a cone beam CT scanner) that enable us to take care of all the diagnostic and treatment planning needs of our patients such as panoramic (OPG’s) X-rays, lateral cephalostats and CT scans, as well as all the intra-oral X-rays. In addition latest technology, surgical microscopes, magnification loupes, dental lasers, ‘Zoom’ bleaching lamps, intravenous sedation and more all help us to carry out our treatments more effectively and gently.

We even have video glasses &# in-surgery screens with an extensive range of movies so you can pass the time watching your favourite movie whilst we carry out your dental treatment.

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